Forefathers Foresaw

Poem By Sarah M.Brown

The fathers of our country,
From experience, foresaw
That was why it was made a
Most significant law.
"Keeping and Bearing Arms"
and the ability to fight
Should never be infringed,
It is the people's right.
It's loss allows governments
To dominate instead of lead,
If people can't defend ****
Oppression grows like a weed.
How many oppressed people are,
-For what it is worth -
Oppressed by "their own"
Governments on this earth?
Observe the Chinese students
And people under Hussein.
Once it is's almost
Impossible to regain.
The Second Amendment's purpose
Wasn't hunting or sport,
But, ensuring our defensive
Ability against any sort.
It was for protection from
Our Own "Powers That Be",
The people have to be able
To keep a country free.

Comments about Forefathers Foresaw

Okay, so it's pure, naked politics, but what's wrong with clarity? Rhyme scheme gives this a classical feel. Guess patriotism is out of fashion, only self-indulgence is in, it seems. At least it prompted some pc type to give it a bad grade, lol. Love New Hampshire. 'Live free or die', yessah! CJGM

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