Foregone Conclusions

Lying in a bed of thought, stretching and lolling peacefully
in it's complacency.

Never fearing the outside world and all it's evils being
performed by unholy people.

Knowing myself inside out, there's nothing another can say
about me that hasn't already been said by self.

Breeding a sense of freedom and self-confidence, writing
everything that comes to mind, letting go of opinions and
thoughts, allowing it all to be known, letting people read
and accept or reject whatever is written.

Being a senior, knowing with this aging mind, a wisdom,
innately grasping the fact that in this life nothing really
matters, it will all be gone the moment we breathe our last.

Our souls, those that have been kept pure and innocent, will
become the spirits of our future as we fulfill our final
destiny in heaven where everything will matter that was done
on earth.

Leaving behind on earth, all the things that will never matter
even when living there, foregone conclusions already have been
made for each of us on our final paths, leading one way or
another through death.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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