Who Am I?

The wind blows
Across my face
My shadow moves
From place to place

My heart beats
Slow and fast
My life flows
Into the past

I ask The Cosmos
Who am I?
I ask my reflection
As it heaves a sigh

The warrior's sorrow
Fills my soul
From life to life
From goal to goal

Melancholic rapture
Pulls me deep
As I learn to fly
Within my sleep

Love and goodness
Guide my life
Peace and stillness
Calm my strife

Abandon hope
The Buddhists say
False illusion
Blinds the way

Where is desire?
In all this?
Where is passion?
And eternal bliss?

Where is woman?
In my heart?
How does romance
Play a part?

Content to live
A life alone
Gnawing idly
On my bone

Is this it?
Is this all there is?
No more bangs?
No more fizz?

Must I live?
Without embrace?
No more kisses
On my face?

I hold a torch
To light the way
Through the darkness
Of each day

I wander lost
Into the mist
Fading fast
The loves I've kissed

The magic presence
Thrills my spine
Starry passion
Pours like wine

Drunk I am
Full of wonder
My mind a swirling
Mass of thunder

Lightning flashes
Through my eyes
Rain is pouring
From my skies

Who am I?
I ask once more
A giant face
Looks through a door

A face that glows
That pours out love
Is this face me?
I ask a dove

As she flies with stillness
Through my soul
Her silent answer
Makes me whole

Now this body drifts
Into the past
I leave its shell
Free at last

I'm flying now
Free from matter
No more noise
And human clatter

A new formed body
Carries me away
Reborn to live
Another day

Another life
Another name
Different strife
And a different game

A newness that fills me
With new wonder
More new lessons
And more new blunder

On and on
The wheel I go
Who I am
I'll never know

by Brian Routh

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creative and clever, thanks