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Forensics To Day.

Forensics historically, not along ago there were people in communities of Greece with a knowledge and came together to solve a criminal or a civil case issues, from there it was like a forum.

Forensics to day a hundreds of discipline were born and are being born in a department, so, i realize that no discipline or department of peoples lives that forensics can not be involved in.

Forensics to day has grown to the extent beyond human imagination, where by a man use animals, plants and fellow humans scientifically to disprove the lies, to determine the real cause of death, and even discovering the hidden

Forensics to day goes and flies over the oceans and seas, to the deep inside the digital technology without a boundary and digital forensics now has no endless limit to identify offenders by using their electronic equipment.

Forensics to day has covered and controlled all livings, with and within their leavings. They eat, site and meet, and in every thing they do, please do it with awareness that nothing is and will ever be a secret.

Forensics is a king of secrecy, he discover those beyond personnel and logical understanding. he is a master and a teacher with a heavy slop no where to escape. even you can call him a devil.

Forensics to day is a devil goes beyond book contracts, to the extent of discovering what one man's wife and another woman's man did in absence of cameras, in the presence of only two God on a side and devil inside. it proves paternity and relationship.

Forensics to day is a king and a god, it brought lives back in absence of hope of tomorrow, a thief can not attack you twice for Data bases are developed (DNA and finger prints) .

who would know that your finger print is unique? who would tell you set cameras, if forensics wouldn't exist? the children are getting parents, thieves are being arrested.

Enforce forensics equals true justice enforcement. where isn't he a god. FORENSICS TO DAY.

by Fred B Kagame

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