it's still
my need to waste
taste still
the fortune in your place
you could dream for me
I still
have emptiness to feed

like love
your words are fuel and feed
this gift
I've hungered in your seed
i'm lost
i've wandered where you sleep
my heart
is broken into dreams

by Jamie Dewyer

Comments (5)

Awesome! ! Use of metaphors is stunning. Loved the flow and beauty in stanzas. Very nice.
He saw the poetry in forlorn stations under clouds vast as Asia [...] What is a amazing poem. Well... the world is too big to stay in one place.
Like notes from a piano! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
a very interesting and descriptive poem of a time of heavy snow and of men in the know? maybe there is a warning being given that should not to be forgotten! .................well written
Watching the evening river mint.... thanks for posting.....