Forest Of Question

Poem By Gencay

The mystery underlying the earth
There are as many mysteries above you
Mind-blowing things
He is asleep, waiting to be awakened.

Still we don't know the answer of your reason
Is there anyone in the skies to know this?
And if they don't know
Who knows this tremendous reason?

I'm back shot in my brain
Against what I've learned
Break down the building, rebuild now
I hope it does not collapse again!

Which day, when, where
Will you come to untie the secret?
Text and picture broken into a thousand pieces
When and how do you assemble it?

The secret waters of the infinite source
Will you dissolve it and drink it blood?
By destroying the unwanted in our structure
Will you always immortalize what is wanted?

What is the purpose of this whole story?
What is the main reason for life and itself?
What is all this struggle for?
Will you let us know one day?

O who directs water, fire, sense, air!
Who taught you these?
Where do you guys come from, where do you go?
Would you say what I said?

What is the solution to this infinite problem?
Or is this not an endless problem?
Who is the painter of color?
What is the origin of matter?

When will we get out of the forest of questions?
Where will we go even if we go out?
O mystery that intoxicates my soul!
When will we arrive at the last stop of the mind?

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