BA (06/25/1940 / North Carolina)


I often think of this world I’m in,
The life I’ve led, the life I’ll lead,
How I’ve lived, and where I’ve been,
What lies ahead and the seeds I’ll spread,

But one thing I know, and that’s for sure,
Successes I’ve had, mistakes I’ve made,
You can’t change the past, in life’s great tour,
Only the future, by the past that’s laid,

But most importantly, before life fades,
As life moves on, for others to see,
To try and share mistakes that were made,
So others may benefit so their life can be,

A wonderful experience, for all to share,
For when one ‘s left and the body is cold,
The memories you leave, for all that care,
The life you had, and the life that’s told.

by B.J. Ayers

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