Happy, I join the morning sun
As you run to me, hair up, full of fun
You twinkle like a diamond
In Nature's necklace.
As you greet me in meadow.
My spirit riding reckless.
I can breathe and smell the air
My heart awakens now you are there
My soul courts billowing clouds
As your lips brush mine
Released from grey bustling crowds
As our urgent bodies entwine.

And I will wake one winter bleak
And still feel petal softness cheek.
And hands refusing to let go.
Oh my lover I adore you so.
Hold me under amber glow,
As stars are fired from Heaven's bow,
At crescent moon.
And kisses that so deep and true
As angels swoon,
Will never let the night steal you.
Closer than two hearts did beat
We remain
Forever sweet.

by Kevin East

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