Poem By Nomad Goggs

Sometimes we say forever, when really we mean now,
But things can change, things can change, things can cange and how.

Passionate words are spoken, we mean them there and then,
But who can say what we'll feel, when we're asked again?

Feelings now that are so strong, they seem to run so deep,
Be careful of these feelings, one day they'll make you weep.

And even now I know, these feelings will surely tear me apart,
It's hard to translate the understanding of the mind into the language of the heart.

Comments about Forever.

Words that ring so true, nice flow, awesome piece
were i you, i'd take out all your contractions and replace them with the original words(we'll = we will) . it would improve the rhythm alot. and u misspelled feelings in the last stanza. the poem has a wonderfull flow to it, and it's all truth you speak. I'm sure it would sound great read aloud. awesome.

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