AC (08-13-1984 / Santa Claria, California)


I've done wrong
I have sinned
I am not the same
I am not him
I am a man
The man you have always seen in me
I just want to be me
Me in college
Me at work
Running the show
Coming home to my lady
Coming home and appreciating my baby
No more games
No more jokes
Only pride and love
You will see
You will see what you have always seen in me
Every night
I want to wake and sleep by your side
This is no lie
For you see I have found the real me
The real me
Is me with you
On our way to building our family
I want to share my ups
I want to share my downs
I want to share my life with you
Cause if I can't I'd rather drown
Alexis I say all this
Because you see
I found my heart
I found out that you belong to me
With that said
Let me say
On one knee
I want you to forever
Be with me

Alexis will you merry me?

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what a grand poem such honesty such devotion such a yearning for happiness which shall come as did this fine poem