With The Deer

Poem By Daniel Brick


you prefer to stay out of range
so that no one can reach you easily
you prefer to stay in your glass-house
so worries and grief can’t touch you
and perish your beauty and glory

how long can you live in seclusion
loneliness will creep into your soul
the soulmate will long for love
Open-air sky and flowers
who can refuse their call

the bliss of solitude is good
so long not against the nature
at your prime youth my love
Don’t be swayed away by glory
Try to gather exposure

neither the youth nor money
will stay with you forever
only your love and deeds
shall linger on in our memories
when you will be no longer here


Comments about With The Deer

Deep feelings, great poem, I loved the idea.
Intense feelings, very well expressed. Something like my old poems SUPPRESSED TRUTH and WE'LL MEET. I think our dear ones need such a good message once in a while when they are in need of it.
interestin write good job 10

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