Hope Once Great Has Failed

Hope once great has failed
The hand I see is bare
Each tounge I hear no matter where
Such witnessed who have seen.

Grace and hope has made
What all were meant to have
For if you were to know your fate
Your fate you'd never have.

Thus all my life has come to naught
And sadly summer's gone
Once young my aging mind
Poor sight, my loves the leaves are gone
Upon the ground are blond.

Where bushes once hid trees
That opened to the sun
To the carpenters and gardeners
Hope once great has failed.

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This is true love Meggie! So promising, so reassuring.... If only all lovers have this kind of love, i am sure there would be no broken families, no abandoned children. Keep writing, your poems are very inspiring. May GOD BLESS you and the love of your life, so with your poems, Meggie.
Nice Topic... Nice and simple expressions... life without the feeling of support and love is meaningless... you are right... wael karameh karameh...
'You always give me the sunshinje You always give me the sunset' Pricelss words to a friend...thanks for sharing this lovely poem with a PH friend. A 10
Your heart is bigger than my hurts Your love is wider than the sea Rachel Ann Butler
Meggie you too qualify to be a true friend and are deserving of a friendship that you have described in your beautiful and caring poem..10++
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