WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Forever After

For I would rescue you from the bowels of hell
For a chance with you to dwell
You are the rains that bring forth life
You are the means to the end of strife

You are my one and only turtledove
For the L in your name means love
In the heavens, you are the shining star
Never change for I love you the way you are

Take a gamble and roll the dice
For in this life, you are my spice
Cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger too
The taste of honey and essences blue

You make my heart sing LADI, DA, DA
Your smile takes me to Shangri-La
Gorgeous damsel femininity speaking
Au couture La fem I have been seeking

How I would whisper sweet things in your ear
To wake and find that you are still there
To hold and touch you would bring so much joy
For I would be content to be your love toy

These things I cannot deny
To refrain from you I would not try
I can see the beauty in your eyes
For to you never I would tell lies

So precious and a sensational find
Thoughts of you are dancing in my mind
On you, I would spend my last dime
With you, I'd spend the rest of time

Wait no longer and stop all stalling
Don't you hear true love calling
With you, I can form a fellowship
The goddess in my life that deserves worship

Here I am with arms open wide
I will sit eternally by you side
If you should pass before I do
Forever after morn I would for you

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