Forever Alicia...My Queen Mecca...Your

Close Together In Rain
Kissing Love
Stopping To Think
Is It Real Love
I Step Back to
Think About Me And You
On Fire With Desirer
One Must Reflected on Truth
in desirer
Brother DeBuff soul
want to love your soul
My Respect Alicia
800 miles i journey
just kiss your mouth
of honey wine tasted
just touch of your soul
to embrace softness of skin
warmth from within
surround my essence
with pleasure sentation
of heaven on earth
you are the drug of choice
your love can take me
there with no limit
i'm float in desirers to be
in your aura of love
give me that what you have
the power
to bring life with
George jerone Jefferson
8-13-2003 just
thinking about a love
i want to be one with my
love in side of you
all time one or another way
can you stand it
i want to do all the loving
to you like before i need you
to with forever
to walk in rain
to hear to feel
Earth Wind and Fire
in our very inner soul
feel hot over all over

by George Jerone Jefferson


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