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Forever Burning Ray

My mind seemed to be in different places.
Floating away in a perfect oasis.
A place where the grass grew of several races.
And birds would fly through cloudy mazes.
The streams would flow a crystal clear.
With fish that swam of zero fear.
At night the stars would soon appear.
And no one ever shed a tear.
The air was filled with a thousand flowers.
Skies only shed half hour showers.
Its dropplets seemed to slowly scour.
For the smallest inperfection it was forced to use its power.

It was that day that I committed my crime.
That day that I wasted my time.
My nose wrinkled to sudden unfamiliarity.
There was a burning desire for the soon to come clarity.

I turned my head around to face the scent.
I didnt know it would leave an indent.
There was a man, a boy, stood motionless.
The type of guy you would want to impress.

His eyes were a color of transparent hazel.
Burned with the look of critical appraisal.
He started toward me in a graceful slide.
Eyes still on me, with his feet to guide.
Stood up strait with unmeant pride.
Intimidated I wish I could hide.

Then he was there in front of me.
Beauty so blinding, everything else I could not see.
He leaned in and whispered in my ear.
Three words I have now come to fear.
'Whats your name? ' he said in a seductive voice.
I wish I hadnt answered, but I didnt have a choice.

Tell me. Dont you remember that day?
Its been stuck in my mind, a forever burning ray.

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