VG (6/27/1980 / Orlando Florida, USA)

Forever By Your Side

Today I spent some time in your head,
And enjoyed the vacation from mine.
I am amazed at all you have up there,
And the point of view is fine.

Every moment that we are together,
I treasure you more and more
As I begin to recognize your gifts
I wonder what else is in store!

Thru all the good days and bad days,
I see you beginning to understand
That there are very few in this life
Who will walk with you hand in hand.

So no matter what life throws your way
Please know on me you can rely,
For I have made this promise to you
I will never speak the words “goodbye”.

As to future love and to perfect timing
I can offer only this advice,
I will trust alone in our God above
And know His Will will suffice.

Who knows what tomorrow brings?
Or what mood you may be in,
But you know I am just a phone call away
When you’re feeling stretched too thin.

Or better yet a great day arrives
when you can think of none other than me,
I will be there for you then as well
As I promised, faithfully.

So as each moment and day go by
And your trust in me has grown,
Thru thick and thin i’ll always be
The best friend you’ve ever known.

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