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Forever Eclipse (C) 8-6-08
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Forever Eclipse (C) 8-6-08

On the day of July 23,2008
Something happened to me that to think I even hate

That was a special day in my life but no way I wished it to be
It was the day the moon everlastingly sat in front of me

My Grandmother was lost in death due to a heart attack
And truthfully I'd do anything just to have her back

But in physical I have to wait for the Eclipse to subside
Then maybe I can continue her legacy built with pride

But from what I've heard it can't be calculated how long it'll take
But hopefully the Eclipse shall past forward soon for my hearts sake

*Virus 11 - Shadow*

Copyright 8/6/08 ©® Corey Threet

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Comments (3)

from personal experience i can tell you dear Muse, people leave us only from the mortal form and LIVE with the SPIRIT in us to ETERNITY. Trust by now, you have HEALED through the eclipse...... with best wishes ever -shree
the loss of a loved one is obviouslt tough....you've expressed it more beautifully than possible
sorry for the lost of your Grandmother, it was like a total eclipse in the family... well versed... Ency Bearis