BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Forever Faithful

In spite of all my unfaithfulness, my Lord God is faithful unto me.
For my life God does surely bless, in many ways that others see.
And although I often fail the test, I remain secure for all Eternity.
I have above an eternal address, where with God I’ll forever be.

It all comes down to God’s Grace; every single day I live my life.
For me there was not a trace, or even a thought of Jesus Christ,
In my heart God had no place, as my will and desire did suffice.
But through God’s saving Grace, He became for me a sacrifice.

From a former life of unbelief, I now live to honor Christ as Lord,
Who for me experienced grief, upon that cross, that He endured.
It is more than just a small relief, to know that I was not ignored,
For soon upon hearts of unbelief, His Judgment shall be poured.

My friend the things I know to do, sometimes a simply set aside,
At times doing what I know not to, as I fight a battle deep inside,
Thus I’m to my own self untrue, when in Christ I don’t fully abide.
I need to live this life anew, following the model of Him who died.

Faithful to me He will always be, as He guides me with His Love,
Knowing He has prepared for me, a new home forever up above,
Where with Him I’ll live eternally, enveloped by His endless Love,
There to truly live forever faithfully, in a perfect paradise up above.

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great poem! it helped me thank you