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Forever Free
CM (10/30/95 / Denison, Tx)

Forever Free

Poem By courtney metcalf

She is running through the black of night, clouds blanketing the sky.
She rushes through the woods, no reason as to why.
She is just craving some adventure, wants to try something new.
It is getting pretty humid, the grass drips with dew.
She runs through the undergrowth, feels the stinging and slinging of thorns from the vines.
She only runs faster, she doesn't seem to mind.
She see a white log, but she knows there's something better ahead.
She keeps on running, until she runs out of breathe.
She runs up a hill, and climbs up a tree.
The clouds have been seeping,
She can tell they're about to leak.
She looks down towards the grass, and sees a little stream.
It looks like a tiny valley, with water running between.
The moon relects off the water, and the light echos through the foggy smoke.
Each raindrop looks like a diamond, falling from heaven only knows.
She sits in the tree,
Watching diamonds fall beneath its leaves.
She wants to keep the beauty of this moment..
To live forever free.

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She runs up a hill and climbs up a tree with hope of climbing up and up in life till success adore her. Very beautiful presentation of thoughts.