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Forever I'Ll Stay (C) 2-2-09
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Forever I'Ll Stay (C) 2-2-09

In the beginning we shared our love but then that went to a pause
But I'm sticking here with you though you've went through it all
I claim you as my lover but the spark isn't mutual
I wish we could love each other and laugh like usual
I try not to cry as I lost my tears when I gave you my heart
And bleedin isn't an option seein that that's where love starts
And like blood we stick red together in order to uncover Technicolor
But I don't feel the passion once felt as we text each other
They say love is blind but you gave me some contact lens
And I returned the favor with my heart and givin you many grins
But just grins? I want smiles that stretch across a mile
Like how I stamp your initials on my heart though my flesh it may defile
If there's anything I could do just please give me a sign
Give me the go so that I know I'm not crossing the state line
Someday you'll see what I mean in the stanzas above
Hopefully it'll take forever so that you'll always remain my love
Just know that I'm here for you through all the mourning and the pain
And to repeat myself I'll be redundant and said over and over again
Just like Clark Kent and Lois I'll be your guardian angel
I'm goin superhuman and we can look at this again like Zango
I'll sculpt you into a portrait and express my love unstingy
I'll be there to solve your code like Leonardo Da Vinci
I'll keep you in my heart forever and trust I'll never leave ya
The Zodiac looked into the future and pronounced a Scorpio to a Libra

~(If not a Scorpio speaking to a libra you could say) ~
And fate pronounced us to be together like Akamaru and Kiba

Destined Alive Cause Amor Runs In A New Notorious Aspiration
Currently under reasonable responses young but you're my inspiration
When you write the lyrics to my heart we'll sing them like Orpheus and Eurydice
I'll walk through Hades for your heart but don't look back if you really like me
You left you're soul ready for mine and I guess it's there for the taken
So I'll finish by saying I love and that you are a Macon(or your last name) in the makin.

Copyright 2/2/09 ©® Corey Threet

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Langston Hughes


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Very good ryhming, i like how you are allowing people to take it and use it for their loved ones. great work :)