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Forever In Love With You
MAM (01/23/79 / Pasay City)

Forever In Love With You

Finding ourself is one of the difficulites in life
Over an over we look for a missing piece in our life
Rather than ejoying that we have, we spent our time searching
Every Breathe we take is every knowledge we gain
Very few has seen the completeness in life and love
Every hug you gave, is a million pictures stored in my mind
Raising my hand to God, thanking him for he showed you to me

In this journey for love and success... i'll be by your side
Not only in joy where i'll be there... but in times of tears and pain

Let us keep on believing Gods gift to us.
On this day, i'll listen more to you my girl
Very important that our love will stay strong and never weaken
Every second it's only you i think of.. and that's the truth

With all my heart I lay my hand on you again
In God's witness.. I will love you truly even in hard times
To joy, to happiness, to pain, and in sickness... even in death
How much I wanted you to know... That i'm FOREVER IN LOVE WITH..


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Rudyard Kipling


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Lovely I like it.....