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Forever In The Darkness
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Forever In The Darkness

Poem By Bobbie Carpenter

forever in the dark with love and life it's an unfortunate dismay that happens to so many young girls today,

young women no longer have a chance at happiness anymore, it's really quite sad most of us have gotten so used to the lies, cheating, and beatings,

it all leads to one thing, heart ache and pain then of course there's always confusion to it's a huge way to make us suffer,

some of the toughest women i know have given up because their left forever in the dark by men and their selfish ways.

it's all quite alluding to me, i try not to get involved with the emotional roller coaster ride hat comes with love!

i try not to for the simple fact that I was alone in the dark for such a long time that it almost killed me.

someone once told me tha when you close the door another one opens and they were right. That's all you have to do is close yourself off the darkness and open the door and come in the light.

forever in the darkness is like never being able to see and never being able to feel.

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Different people see different things.....maybe that is what you see in a female today. Full of sorrow and darkness....