DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Forever In The Heavens Above Tonight

Tonight I lay silently awake in the stillness of drenching moonlight,
Arching rays beam through my window, shards of silver fragment
Upon every surface it falls,

Twinkling beyond I see stars, shining, shooting and wandering afar,
Bring home too me childhood dreams, fantasy and wishes spoken and
Loved but never have they passed?

Connected constellations draw stories upon the sky, the bear, the plough and
Orion’s straining bow, revealing human history and tales of old, as the sky turns
And world revolves

But like every rose has its thorn, every starry night has it dawn
Morning memories of the night’s conception of life live on through the suns sparkle
Burning and warming every heart and every home

Oh the moonlight the stars and the twinkle of twilight,
Ignite in my own heart newer dreams and fantasy of life and love
Embedded forever, in the heavens above tonight...

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