DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Forever Is A Clear Blue Sky

Weeks go rippling by,
I've been searching the days for my baby, ,
Brown leaves have started falling,
Showing autumn the way.
Without the rest I can’t stand it like this,
Chasing shadows all the time all the way
I fall down in the decaying grass and wish away

All I want to do is find you,
Let it be and be with you,
Without woe and whys
Holding you eye to eye
watching the wind blow by
with you my skies light with a perfect blue

all I want to do is let it be and
be with you, watch the wind blow by,
where me and you go on
forever like the clear blue sky

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Thats good Richard. Write it all down, and what better way than with a poem.I always read my poems out loud to myself, if the words stumble I rearrange. Keep writing. Regards Ann