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Forever Is Only As Long As Time Will Allow

How could you do this to me
You said you loved me and I believed
I need you now more than ever
To travel this storm I'm not sure I can weather
I remember the first time our lips met
A fire inside me exploded unsaid
Love at first sight, or love at first touch
From that moment forward I craved you so much
Now you are gone, and again I'm deserted
I'm hungry for bullets or anything I can hurt with
A flash of your smile lights up my face
Hopeless dreams transmit a bitter taste
I grab my gun and I leave my life behind
On my way to be with you in a very short time
Quietly I pull in wanting to keep a low profile
Every step I take is a step away from denial
I know what I am doing I believe it is right
Then, I see you sleeping under the light of night
I raise my gun, and with a smirk I take aim
The crack of the trigger fills my body with pain
My body falls back and leans up on your tombstone
My suicide heart couldn't handle being lonesome
I lie there waiting to see you in the afterlife
All I get is a darkness from which I cannot hide

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