Forever Is Today

An Easter flower cuts light into the sill
The sound of suffering is forever still.
Tears of forgiveness warm the evening chill.

I hear His whisper in a rustling leaf,
'I would have been so lonely in my grief,
Without your fragile friendship, my good thief.

You did not scorn the pity of My frame,
But saw the Jesus in Me just the same,
I call you Friend, you need no other name.

My Father's house is just a breath away.
See. one by one the windows light our way.
I think He was expecting us today.'

Beyond the drama of earth's dying skies,
Joy is too powerful for human eyes.
Forever is today in Paradise.

For my dear friend, Ralph Russell who often requested this poem to be read at Easter.

by Sandra Fowler

Comments (21)

forever is today- in this very moment. deeply spiritual and full of affirmations very profound, Sandra10 i liked the opening lines very intense. warm regards Mamta
Written from the point of view of the dear sacrificing One who was grateful and full of love for the thief. A beautiful and reverent piece Sandra. I can well imaging this being read aloud at Easter time. Bless you, and many good wishes from Fay.
Sandra, this is such a beautiful poem from beginning to end. Ron
My father's house is just a breath away.......poignant indeed! Happy Easter to you.
Your love for seeking His presence in a rustling leaf is quite in consonance with our devotional poetry. Great images of thought, sight and sound.
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