'Forever Kept In My Heart'

I still remember when I fell
in that dark rainy night.
And I felt my face on the ground
and my dreams lost on those heavy stones.

The road seemed to be so long,
But your words and company
brought me happiness through all my sorrow.
And made my heart to smile again.

Your friendship was an oasis
growing in the desert of my heart.
It warmed up my soul
When the autumn was so cold.

And the best times
that we lived together -
they will be pictures on my mind
Like those small stars in the sky.

They will shine my day in the darkness,
A beautiful smile in the loneliness.
They will give me a new reason to live,
If the steps of the death approach me.

I have kept our memories on my mind,
For each day that I miss you.
Don't worry if I start to cry -
Tears are just pieces of the every moment
that I lived with you.

Although you have gone
So far and away from me -
You will always be alive
My friend - forever kept in my heart.

by Lindemberg Pereira da Silva

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