SQ (19/02/95 / San Fernendo)

Forever Lovers No Matter What

The way you look at me makes my heart stop,
I can't breathe whenever our eyes lock,
It's like I melt because of the feelings that are felt,
I have to tell myself ' Breathe In, Breathe Out'
And in my chest my heart is flopping about,

You look at me like you're ready to surrender to my love,
Your eyes shine like the stars above,
Your hair flickers behind your ears,
And in your eyes I can see your fears,
I can see your tears, You've wanted me all these years,

I love you, But your love is trouble,
As I hold you in my arms I can hear you mumble,
'I love you ',
That's the words you whisper in my ear,
And the words cover my body with fear,
As I hold you near, my hard breathing you can now hear,

I konw you love me but you sometimes confuse me,
I'm not sure if your eyes just use me,
I show you how much I care,
And I wonder if like me, knowing that I love you, bring you fear.

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hmm.. I like it.. wonderful write.