Forever Mine?

My spirit went up, I'm happy again.
You brighten up my day, you showed me the way.
Thank you.
A smile on my face means alot to me then you think
To hear my heart race, makes my inners sing for joy.
Your Voice, so soft, so sweet, makes me day dream of you.
Can you tell how much you mean to me?
Can you tell how much our love means?
Hope it never dies, never fades, forever till death should it end.
I can only hope.
I twirl around like a little girl at a candy shop.
To see my heart healed so quickly and to see it pounce for happiness.
Your tender touch makes me warm inside.
Your sweet kisses make me blush.
You treat me like a queen, makes my heart skip a beat.
For I do not deserve to be spoiled, so baby please don't do it.
I love you with all my heart, mind, body and soul.
Please, be forever mine.

-Hali Curtis

by Hali Curtis

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