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Forever More
MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)

Forever More

I've always thought that the measure
Of someone loving you, was in the way
That they cupped your face in their hands...
This has never happened to me, other than
Maybe a one night stand.

The way that they look into your eyes
Just before they kiss your succulent lips
And the moment lasts for eternity
The blood coursing through your brain
Directing the sensation to your hips

That electrical contact, sensation rising
A pulsating unknown that begins gently
And then explodes into your heart in
A plundering, probing instant manisfestation
Of unexplored love and devotion

The feeling of their hands upon your face
Earning love, earning grace, earning YOU
And more than they would know, just by
One simple act of taking you, your face
Into the gentleness of their embrace

This makes you want to melt and devour
Make this moment, a never-ending hour
Turning darkeness into shards of light
That pierce your soul, take you into
The night and beyond, for evermore

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