Forever My Friend

Was I asking for trouble the moment my heart
opened itself up to you,
took you by the hand and led you to see
all the feelings inside that were true?

Can I be that exposed and it not end in grief?
Can I mend and see freedom again?
I know in due time that this wound will be healed,
I wish someone could just tell me when!

Should I ever have loved or should I have remained
behind my protective door?
I ask, yet I know if the clock was turned back
I would feel all the same things once more.

My care for you was not all in vain,
my trust was not misplaced.
A friendship so strong that it builds itself
I REFUSE to let go to waste!

The unspoken words that are still understood
have a value beyond compare,
whatever the distance between us I know
it's something we always will share.

For now it's a battle to do what is right,
there are days when it breaks my heart.
The one thing I feared amid my love for you
was the day we would be torn apart.

God knows how we suffer and struggle inside
but He knows that our motives are pure,
we're just two lost souls in the sea of mankind
who long to feel safe and secure.

So this is my promise to you my dear friend:
there is nowhere I'm going to go,
I'm waiting right here so that when we are strong
the bonds of our friendship can grow.

You remain in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers
all the more so with each passing day,
although we're apart at this moment in time
you HAVE to believe what I say!

Please trust in our God and have faith in his word
so that soon we can be back together,
I long for that day coz I love you my friend
and I'll love you forever and ever!


by Rachel Slimm

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This poem is truly beautiful