HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

Forever Stamp Forever?

Forever stamp by the Postal Service
Makes many nervous.
Even with future rate increases,
Its first rate value never ceases.
The Postal Service will be in such a plight
That will cause real fright!
What will be the design
The Postal Service will assign?
So many choices from which to choose.
Will the perplexed Postal Service only confuse?
It must be suitable -
Yet irrefutable.
How about the Iraq War?
Just think peace no more!
Rebuilding New Orleans and the Gulf Coast?
A perpetual boast!
That budget deficit which only skyrockets?
As it continually empties your pockets!
Real immigration reform?
Just more illegal aliens who endlessly swarm!
Solvent Social Security and Medicare?
Not a prayer!
With George W such designs will end never -
Because such real possibilities go on - FOREVER!

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