(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)

Forever The Friend

I see such beautiful, young women nearly everyday and I must admit I do long to hold them close and call them my own. Though sadly I know that what I long for shall remain but a dream. For I am a dreamer that shall be left to long for the soft and sensual touch of a true beauty. I have lost my heart to many a goddess that I have grown close to over the years. Always though they deny me with sweet words and like the good boy I am I simply smile and nod as my heart shatters once more. Since I am a kind, understanding, creative soul most the beauties of my age find me less attractive than those more muscle bound than I. Though their flings with such rarely last long. And though I am always there for them they tend to shy away from me. I find myself in no way believing that they would ever return my feelings and I feel no ill will towards them for that. But none the less I still lust for them. Their angelic voices, their impossibly perfect figures, radiant faces, and their warming and caring smile. But for I, the one who will listen to their worries, wipe away their tears, and stand up for them will never be shown the love I long for. I am to forever be the dear friend, never to be the dearly beloved.

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Hypocrites! They crawl all over the world.Thanks for sharing this very honest poem!