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Forever Young
KP (04-11-62 / Orlando, Florida)

Forever Young

There's a child underneith those lines on your face
So why can't i see what i feel
Will my mind ever catch up to this human rat race
Or do i just settle and give in to whats real

I think i struggle more often than not
Holding back urges to act on silly thoughts
Like waking up in the night and it's three o'clock
in the morning
Roll over and just lay there watching him snoring
And then i start to tickle the hairs on his face
Silently giggleing, even though it's keeping him awake

Or like playing hide and seek with my grandkids that
are younger than nine
And you realize your having just as much fun as them
in your mind

Something just has to be wrong with this
Having child like thoughts when your considered to be
Do other adults hold back thoughts your age tells you
to resist
Or will i forever think like a child, trapped in a body
all feeble and cold

For it's hard when your body can't do the things you
want to
Like running and working out with weights in the gym
But your knees give out on you, and your arms want to
But they won't let you lift anything heavier than a

So i just continue to hold back
And let my thoughts do the walking
Just sit here and relax
While this child keeps on talking

But when i close my eyes and go to sleep at night
I can dream about heaven where i won't be struggleing
For i will be home in eternity
Forever young, dancing on God's floors! !

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