Poem By anthony francis alcones

For so long I’ve tried to
Put you out of my mind
Only to find out
You’re still the one I love

I know it was very hard to do
For me to forget someone like you
Cause I have lived my life for you
And had promise to love you
Till the world is through

You said you love me
But why did you leave me?
You said you care for me
Then why did you hurt me?

I thought it was a perfect love then
For us both feel the same
But time didn’t give in
Cause now you’re gone and left
Me in pain

Is there anything I have said?
Or something I have done?
Won’t you tell me the reason?
Why you’re love has gone?

I thought you’re the one who’d
Fill my world with glee
But sudden everything has
Changed including you
Now I realized happy endings
Couldn’t really be true

So now I’m setting you free
I know this is what you wanted to be
Though it hurts to let you go
Loosing you, there’s nothing I could do

Maybe were not meant to be lovers
But I have thank you for the
Happiness that you gave me
And the memories we shared
We may not be together anymore
But ill still do loving you forevermore.

Comments about Forevermore

interesting creation, lovely penned......Thanks for sharing this!
hmm could be a song if u played with the words a little nice thought in that tho

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