You don't know what i want,
You don't know what i need,
So why not just forget about me?
You say you love me,
Just it's for my own good,
You're doing stuff I never thought you would.
I'm loosin' my mind, I can't think,
I thought we had a connection,
I thought we had a link.
I thought you loved me but that's down the drain,
You cut me too deep,
You put me through pain.
You promise me things
That you know you won't do,
So I'm just going to forget about you too.

by helena dombrowski

Comments (3)

It hurts to be lied to and hurt, but being true to yourself, are you sure you wish to be forgotten?
i really like this one but the one that talks to god is REALLY good I rate...9 1/2
sometimes its better to forget cant control others..only yourself..good poem