sitting here watching our favorite flick
listening to our favorite song
its making me feel exceptionally sick
and even more so exceptionally wrong
I hardly do this any more
just a way to remind
what the hell i did that for
explain please if you dont mind

why did i look
why did you smile
why did i sit and stay for a while
why did i hug
why did i wink
why didnt i just sit down and think
why did i kiss
why did i care
i never lied or tried anything i swear

now you see why i dont remember you any more
why i dont stand up and walk out the door
why now i sit and try to make plans
without you in em, and my heart simply bans
me to open my mouth
in fear that memories of you will fall out

i run like the wind
swim like the tide
i fly like a dove and yet
i cant seem to block you out of my mind
i just cant seem to forget

by Steven Brewer

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wow that wasw a very good poem i loved it! 10! ! ~Hazel G.E