Forget Attention

Forget about attention since it's fleeting
That ain't ever been my
I'm just fighting for the misc. that I believe in
Going to school and then promoting
What I'm preaching
I pray to God
And can't embrace the ways I know opposing Jesus
Some may pay attention if they want
I ain't asking for it
Either get it or I don't
Got to chase my
In the shape of flows of sea of poetry
I'm trying to swim
If I could stay above the water…
I'm just trying to live
I'm just trying to give
All I got
The devil trying to take me out
Just because I have a goal to make it out
But I'm focused on the prophecies
At hand…
That are all around us
That, the profit be, a stand and for the whole amounting
If you ever fall then you can rise back
All you got to do is find that
Calm place in dark when you
Shine at
Mark where your line at
One may get attention but that ain't where heart and mind at
That is just a part of doing different
And time lapse
Chasing dreams, O, really ain't a blind trap
Smarts is what it take to break it
Just remain aware
And of the world, one should never be afraid or scared
I ain't saying adulthood ain't hard
So I ain't growing up
Until the day prepared, the Savior, shakes up satan's lair
Come to pass…
Nothing done for recognition period
And not for praise
But just because of what's in spirit in these final days
Ain't nobody else will do it for it
You have to do it
So no matter what your grind is… get wrapped in to it
Not too many people'd understand your actions
But attention seeking ain't the purpose
Bigger than imagined

Yea, forget about attention
Just because one may receive attention
Doesn't mean that why they move
It just comes
That's not important
It's not about outshining anyone or anything
It's just living life and doing what
One loves

And stay in college
Education can benefit any of us


by Dexsta Ray

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