ML (07 March 1987 / Cape Town)

Forget Me Not

Have you ever seen a sunset
That sets the horizon ablaze?
Have you experienced a night so secure in sullenness
That it won’t let feeling out?
Have you listened to the secrets
That a rosebud has to tell?
Can you whisper words of worship
In homage to the miracle of rain?
Have you stopped to consult a butterfly
On which is the best way to go?
Can you boast of sharing stories
With a single flake of snow?
I know before you answer
What these questions make you feel.
I see doubt in your long dead eyes,
Because you cannot let yourself believe.
You are one caught up by rationality
So that what I suggest seems absurd,
But what I ask makes perfect sense
If you ignore what you first think you heard.
If you go further through these strange things
And allow yourself to dream,
You’ll find a profound sense of realism
One that exists only in the absurd.
It is unlikely, after all, that a butterfly
Would actually bother to stop and converse,
Rosebuds are too busy for idle gossip,
And a snowflake’s too unique to waste its time with you.
As for rain, a sunset, or a deep, soft satin night,
They last much better in the mind
Instead of pursued haphazardly
Through space and time.
The secret is that to best explore what I have asked,
Is to answer my questions with your soul,
Therein lies the wisdom of a snowflake,
Or the magic of the simultaneously new, and the old,
But most importantly of all
In the discovery of these things,
Is to find a kindred soul with which to share them,
Selfishness breeds hermits, while togetherness creates kings.
One day you will find a sunset becomes fire
Only if, at the very end,
You had the privilege of souls who felt the same,
Because that sunset’s fire lives within the thing called friend.
So forget me not,
I won’t forget you,
The secret of existence
Is simply what we say and do.
Much better then if we can hold each other,
If we’re there to see each other through,
Forget me not and I promise,
I will never forget you.

by Mathew Lewis

Comments (1)

this is the most beautiful powerful piece ive ever read from probably bias cause i understand it so well, but thank you! it makes me proud to be your friend! i miss you! can you tell me what it all meant to you, before and after you wrote the poem?