Forget Me Not

Head thumping.
Eyes tired.
Every noise,
like a cannon being fired.
Every inch of me wants sleep.
Every inch of the path in front of me
fraught with complications.
Life doing all it can
to stop me reaching my destinations.
Nothing will work.
Nothing to do.
Just nothingness.
And how can nothingness,
a space of complete emptiness,
be such an unbearable pressure
on my head?
And how can emptiness,
such a state of blankness,
trouble my mind so much?
That nothingness,
that numbness I feel so often,
is killing me.
Its gnawing away at my brain,
rendering it useless and inanimate,
and soon, one day very, very soon,
I shall forget my own name.

by Dan Brown

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Comments (2)

You will not, I repeat I refuse you to feel this way lol. I love the poem puts into words what is in my mind great job Love, Melissa
The poem is very catchy. I can relate to it myself. You have a great amount of creativity