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Forget Me Not

Though we shun ourselves out of own lives
And seek solice in the warm voices of friends
Though we never truly knew how we ourselves felt
As a whole, a being, to flee to the end

Now we lie as shattered shards of a black rose
Forever in the bloodied hand that enclosed
And encircled this forbidden affair
And somehow, we managed never to care

Don't forget me when you fall, fall down
Don't forget me as you hit that ground
Forget me naught when we drift apart
Forget me-don't forget me, it breaks my heart...

To see you this way, to see you this day
After the battles fought and the losers avenged
After hearts broken, love lost
And souls left on that field in tragic derrange


So now I watch as you walk away
From our nole of dissarry
I collapse to smell the earth
And mourn the land of our last perch
Though inside I'm glad, because I know you knew
How much I truly, deeply, completely dispised you

[Chorus x 2]

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