Forget Me Not, Forget You Never

Poem By Dustn Ashes

I wish I missed my first kiss,
Because it reminds me of the last,
I wish I never knew love,
Because I can never shake its past,
Though I have grown strong,
And have gotten over your little hands,
I have grown too weak,
To ever hold another's now,
Sometimes I hide the scars,
Self-induced though they may have been,
They hurt none the less,
Now that I have reached this point again,
Intersection of love and risk,
I feel I can't take one more step,
I feel regret is the only way forward,
And the only way backward,
She is as beautiful as you,
But it haunts me the way she looks at me,
Its the way I looked at you,
The way you looked at him,
Yes, I have gotten over you,
But unfortunately,
I have never really gotten over 'us',
It makes we wish I kept love locked away,
Remained the lonely ghost,
Its better than the what I felt today,
When I started to hold her close,
I felt the twinge from the scars I gained,
From the one I once loved most...

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