Forget, My Friend

this thing pulling us apart
this thing that doesnt even really matter
destoying a friendship that was so strong
im just waiting for things to get better

the words that i wish to say
just wont come out of my mouth
and when i see the look on your face
it breaks my heart

i know we both feel the same
just too stubborn to give in
but im sick of feeling alone
i've decided to let you win

just tell me what i have to do
to get you back in my life
tell me everything can go back
tell me there wont be any more fights

i cant stand all the yelling
to be honest im breaking down
your the only one i can talk to
but latley you havent been around

if were such good friends
why cant we get over this
cant we just forget the past
this is my only wish.

by Kay Bell

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