MH (10/13/1990 / )

Forget, Please?

I can’t seem to forget all the tales you sung to me
about the life you had led; from the end of your bed
I tried my hardest not to feel a thing.
On the docks we laughed at the sun,
sunk in the waters, trotting from the mistakes we made,
but all you gave me was a lie.
Your words began to spoil; lingering in the air, I gasp for a breath.
I still wish I had a friend to call home when everything goes wrong,
but you’re what’s wrong with me.
It’s too late to make amends; I can’t keep reasoning with the devil sitting on my steps.
On a stoop of illusion, men couldn’t bare to give it a chance,
but how could I ever forget?

I feel this nausea, I feel this emptiness that I can’t replace.
And I can’t erase the thoughtless shit I should have never said.
But my old friend, when will it end?
Now that I’m gone, will you wake from your cycle?
Was I not worth it or was I just a puppet to wear around your wrists?
You’ll never know the ache I feel, you’ll never know the real me anymore.
I lock the doors I once gave the keys to; no companion will ever see this side of me again.
This faith is empty and I can’t depend on you to pull me out of this torture no longer.
But I thank you for revealing my eyes to the stronger side of me.
I know who I can count on now, though it ain’t you, I know who can really love me.
Devotion does not reason with deceit, and you’re pretty much dirt to the sea-
The sand will wash away all of your dishonesty.

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