Forget The World

they are droping out of the sky
left and right they just dont want to try
i cant fix this not right now

my head achs and my arm is down
i am no longer trying to stop the blows.
they are hiting me in the heart the one thing you need
but i cant protect it any more.

i have given up
i am an open book
you have torn me to shreds damn you colton
left me in the cold.

forget you to the world that never turns around
to help up the ones that have been shoved to the ground
by the people they cared for the most.

by the way this world is never going to end
by you and i will
think about that the next time you see mew
broken down
and you dont turn around
to help me up.

one day i will push you down
just how you pushed me
and when you start to scream and cry
i will turn around and say
'stay down its easyer that way.'
but trust me when i say
darn you colton
im not that easy to get away from! ! !

by chantel weston

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