Forget You

I want to forget,
Everything about your smiles.
I want to forget,
Your eyes, your lies.

Forget your love I once knew
For you have someone new.
Deleting the song,
We both listen all night long.

Forget how close you once were,
And remember you have chosen her.
Forget the way you talk,
And how you swing arms when you walk.

Forget the things you used to say,
And remember that you are gone away.
Forget those fingers,
That you used to have me linger.

I need to remember that you have moved on,
And that my life has to go on.
Forget that you said you leave me never,
And remember that you are gone forever.

by Jessica Subang

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Hmmmn....this is a sad ending to a seemly once sweet love story.we all must move on....but forgetting those wonders we shared is going to be a lifelong struggle..thanks for sharing
Thank you guys for appreciating my poem. I really wanted to move and and to forget. How hard it is? I don't know. I just know that forgetting the memories you had with him is not replaceable. And it sucksto feel everything while he feels nothing.
Some people are come in our lives to teach us lessons and to prepare us for a better tomorrow, without them our future may be worse than the past. We've got to know that and appreciate them and move on. God bless you Jessy
Forgiving is easy and does wonders. Forgetting is hard. Thanks for sharing, Jessica Peace