CB (11-4-93 / )

Forget You

When the dawn breaks
And you are there
The moment I close my eyes
I will be thankful
That I knew you

When you see me
I will hold you tight
Until forever's gone
I will not let you go
Even if I cannot see you anymore

I want to stay with you
I see you fading tonight
I'm sorry
You can't possibly believe that
I don't love you

I remember all those times
That you 'd be with me
And help me through it all
I can see you crystal clear
Sitting at the foot of my bed
And waiting for me to wake

Those times when I'd hold you
Those times when I'd see you in my dreams
All those things you taught me then
Will be enough to get me through the end

You're telling me
That it was all just a fantasy
To forget you
And surface out of my dreams
But the thing is

I haven't been dreaming at all
You were real
Not just in my head

I'l miss you
I'll cry over you
I won't forget you
If you won't forget me
Cuz I know I'm not alone

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