Loneliness is not what it seems
Not empty but rather full of dreams
Dark thoughts that storm like gather
Threatening to strike like daggers
Blocking out all that’s bright
Perception falling into night
Loneliness is full of me
And settles for mediocrity
The world it passes by
As inside I hide and cry
Loneliness, the thought that I
All the others do deny
What is dreary and a mess
The thoughts all going round my head
Filling me with constant dread
Fear it pins you down
Makes this face perpetual frown
Inside discordant notes do play
Setting up a sullen day.

Then I think of You
And in mind I sound your name
It is like an angel quickly came
Shining light where shadows lay
I forgot. It was not you to blame
Lost in darkness I did dream
Until you came and gleamed
Telling me what I do know
But oft' forget
When playing in this passing show.

by David Taylor

Comments (4)

to find positivity in loneliness - beautifull
we should have alone-ness that's wholesome...loneliness craves for company...aloneness provides us with company-of 'self'. there will be no dark thoughts and will gradually beging to enjoy the light that illumines everything around us.
thoughtful insight on every one's loneliness..
how wonderful! oft so true! loved it! ....................... we oft need a friend in the end to remind, forgotten bright spots of routine life.....