Forgetting My Dream

Poem By Emily Angel

A beautiful dream you are,
Yet I know not what to do.
My heart is in a tumult.
I die for an answer.

Truth, yes, it’s bitter
But let me at least know
The bitterness that should be.
Can’t see through this fog
Or breath in this flood.

I feel like a fish
Gasping for breath on land.
I took shelter in
The dark of the night
Seeking refuge from
My disturbing enemy.

Little did I know
My worst enemy was
Inside of my brain.
It had captured my
Thoughts and my dreams.

And I, its pathetic victim
Have no way out.
I begged and whined
But to no effect.

I try forgetting you,
My dream so beautiful.
Yet, you turned out to be
Too beautiful to be
Forsaken forever.

Comments about Forgetting My Dream

Interesting psychological depth to a common experience. Promising :)
Beautiful poem, well written. 'Too beautiful to be forsaken forever' how amazing, beautiful work.
A very elegant use of both light and shade. Well done.
So nicely written. Full of emotion. Dreams are there to be realised. We cannot realise them all however. Keep on dreaming, I am sure reality will be on your side soon.
Nice poem, so real the words are well chose. And i love the setting....

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