Forgetting Not Holding On

Sometimes its just better, just to forget
Not always remembering is not something to regret
Holding on is not always good
Holding on to something bad is not something you should
I remember when you told me that you loved me
But then i think back and you also said that to she
I can't hold on to this feeling you know this isn't right
This feeling I am going to fight
This is the last time for me to have a broken heart
In my life you won't be apart
Yeah at one time we were great
But being in etchers life was not our fiat
There are things we can't change and that's the past
Maybe it was better this didn't last
There are times i think about you
About the pain you put me through
This is something I won't do again
Now it has to come to an end
There been enough pain for both of us
What we has wasn't love it was luss
There is one last thing I have to say
Here are my last words to you 'Goodbye'

by chelsi Ruffing

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A very nice poem.Feels so good to read. Ashish.